Stressful trip?

Between check-in, boarding, flight and arrival, your animal has been put to the test several times ...
It is an accumulation of stress for you as well as for your companion.

The Pet In The Air solution!

Our connected transport pet crate meets the IATA standards in force. Much more than that, it is good:

  • Secure:
    The robustness of the body is ensured by an aluminum structure and composite materials.
    Thanks to its application, the crate is geolocated in order to avoid the loss of your animal.
    Travel conditions are recorded throughout the flight and returned via the app.
  • Comfortable:
    The body has a coating that dampens transport vibrations.
    A thermal and sound insulation system improves conditions.
    The animal can lie down without worries in the space provided by the PITA crate.
  • Practical and Ergonomic:
    The crate is foldable and can therefore be easily stored in a trunk or cupboard
    Thanks to its wheels and ergonomic handle, you would not struggle to move around.
  • Connected : an embedded system register the trip conditions and send them to you so as to keep in touch with your pet.

An application that helps with travel:

An application in gestation will ensure a link with your dog or cat during the different phases of travel.

No more flying papers! The application will allow you to scan and keep your administrative and health documents in the same place. The trip will be made easier.

The platform :

A collaborative platform will capitalize user experiences that can be shared with the Pet In The Air community. For example, they will be able to exchange advice and opinions, publish their best holiday photos, follow animal news and have fun.