In few words...

We are a French start-up which takes care of the well-being of pets. That's why we are developing a new way of traveling with them.

Our smart crate and its services make your animals travel "first class" by combining safety and comfort, in an innovative and connected concept.

Currently in the state of a functional prototype, by an advance purchase of the box, you can accelerate its launching on the market.

For your help, a 20% promo code is available by going to the store.

For the travelers


Stressful trip?

Between check-in, boarding, flight and arrival, your animal has been put to the test several times ...
It is an accumulation of stress for you as well as for your companion.

The Pet In The Air solution!

Our connected transport crate meets the IATA standards in force. More than that, it is:

  • Secure: a sturdy body frame, the cash register is geolocated, travel conditions are recorded
  • Comfortable: A coating damping transport vibrations, thermal and sound insulation
  • Practical and Ergonomic: The box is foldable with improved ergonomics
  • Connected : an embedded system register the trip conditions and send them to you so as to keep in touch with your pet.


An application which helps with travel:

An application will ensure a link with your dog or cat during the different phases of travel.

No more flying papers! The application keeps your administrative and health documents.

The collaborative platform:

A platform will capitalize on user experiences that can be shared with the PITA community.

For our partners


Airlines and IPATA members:

Our all-in-one solution, from smart pet checkout to digital services, is coming soon.

  • Cash register management, monitoring and surveillance application
  • Passenger services market
  • Real-time passenger satisfaction


Let's drive passengers to areas dedicated to welcoming pets.

About us


A brief history

In 2019, 7 experts from the aeronautics industry gathered for open innovation sessions (to know more). From there sprouted the idea of a connected crate for animals including safety and comfort for their transport.

We have seen too many animals traumatized after travel in the hold and owners disappointed with airline services. This new crate combined with its services can help you travel with your pet safely, in comfort.

Our aim is to improve the way your lovely pets travel.