We care about pets wellness, that’s why we have developed a new way to travel with them.

Our smart pet crate and its services enable more comfort, more security, more proximity.

For the travelers

New services:

    • Easy veterinary and administrative procedures
    • Tickets booking
    • Services booking (home to airport transport, veterinary visit…)
    • Inside airport instructions (dedicated area and boarding)
    • Crate GPS tracking
    • Health monitoring
    • Temperature control
    • Chat with pet

Dedicated smart pet crate

Dedicated areas in airport for more proximity with pets before flights.

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For our partners

Airlines and IPATA members:

Our all in one solution from the smart pet crate to the digitals services will be available soon.

  • Crates management, tracking and monitoring application
  • Services marketplace for passenger
  • Real time passengers satisfaction
  • And more to come


Let us conduct passenger to dedicated areas for pets.

We can also design and provide dedicated area to allow passengers and pets to share some quality.

About us

Born from the meeting of 7 experts from the aerospace industry, Pet In The Air aims to enhance the way our lovely pets travel. We’ve seen too many times traumatized pets after travel and too many times disappointed pets owner.
We really think that our new smart crate and its services can help us to travel with our pets with more comfort, security and less stress.